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Hey guys, I only have time to update during weekends because of school. Well I told you last week that there was less stress and schoolwork, but this week was different. I had a lot of quizzes. We had a quiz in Finance, Theology, Statistics, Literature, long quiz in Philippine Government Constitution, graded recitation in MacroEconomics and termpaper defense in Filipino. Yup, it’s pretty much stressing but on the bright side, I still had a lot of fun. But finals week starts tomorrow and I’ll be having a cover to cover quiz in PhilGoCo on Tuesday but I’ll be taking my first final exam on Thursday so Goodluck to me!!


1.Tuesday.  Headed to Glorietta after we went to Mandaluyong. Tried Spaghetti Factory.

2. Friday. Last day of regular class and took photos with my Filipino professor together with my “matatalino” term-paper buddies. HAHAHA

3.Friday. The earrings we bought at Forever21 because Aly and I gotour left ear pierced! Yaaaay finally

4. Friday. Had dinner at Don Henrico’s. Ordered Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza and Spaghetti Pomodoro.

5. Saturday. Mandatory selfie picture during last night’s economic’s frozen-themed party!! 

6. With some of my blockmates. 

7. The highlight of my night during the Frozen-themed party! I joined the Juice-ko-pong game in which each cups contains different drinks(beer, milk, sinigang mix and toyo!!). And unfortunately, I drank toyo! Huhuhu I had no choice but to drink it. (mejo kadiri *sigh*)

8. Sunday. Sunday is always pig-out day! Tried the new Nestle Temptation, Dutch Speculous.

9. Lazy Sunday afternoons in bed are the best!!

- Irishxx

Posted: March 16, 2014
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